Welcome Excalibur India

You too can enjoy the benefits of dehydrating your own meats, fruits and vegetables to create sensational savoury dishes, sweet treats and desserts with America’s No 1 ‘Excalibur Dehydrator’ in your home


Excalibur offers excellent value because it is so versatile

Clear or Stainless Steel Doors

The Excalibur is the finest dehydrator made becauseit is the only machine available with the unique Parallexx™ Horizontal Airflow Drying System.

Drying Foods is Quick & Easy

Fresh fish rapidly deteriorates unless someway can be found topreserve it.Drying is a method of food preservation that works by removing water from the food.

Saves Money on Your Food Bil

It is quite pricey to buy herbs and spices at the local grocery store ormarket. You can use a food dehydrator to make your own herbs.